Face Forward's mission is to provide emotional support and reconstructive surgery for women, children and men who have been victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking or any Cruel Acts of Crime.

The urgency in providing relief to innocent individuals lies in the fact that the lasting physical and emotional effects of domestic violence and human trafficking have a documented ripple effect through generations and can affect many more than just the abused. The scars of abuse are a constant reminder of the traumatic event, causing physical and psychological pain, often times lasting much longer than the abusive event. These reminders can cause victims to feel ashamed, ostracized, and unable to fully recover. 

You might be asking yourself right now, “Why should we support Face Forward?” We believe you should look at our Non-Profit Organization as a strong ally in the fight against Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking or any other Cruel Acts of Crime because we care deeply about our patients and we help those who want a better life; those who want to look and feel beautiful, inside and out, just like we all do.


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Face Forward wasn’t created just to remove the physical damage caused by violence. It was created to heal people’s lives and restore their emotional health.

We give our patients a “hand up” not a “hand out” and by doing so, they have overcome various obstacles in life and with our help, they have managed to create a better future. By helping them believe that anything is possible, we have seen our patients succeed in many ways. Some have become Advocates, International Motivational Speakers, Founders of their own Non-Profit Organization and much more. 

Our professional staff and benefactor support at Face Forward continues to grow daily and is an integral part of our mission to assist victims of violence and help them find a new face and a new beginning. We welcome your support in this important task and feel confident that our work is unparalleled in importance. Get connected today

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